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Oltremare Logo

The meaning of our new logo.

  • The external arches (intentionally irregular) represent the access doors from the sea towards the land and are reminiscent of the Giants' Tombs, structures present throughout the countryside and dating back thousands of years ago.... In fact, when the rest of Europe was still living on the trees, the Nuragics knew the places of energy and used them to heal. Not only that, the Giants' Tombs represented the union of the society settled in that territory in the form of a scattered settlement that was concentrated in the points where control, defence, pursuit of economic survival were possible.

  • The orange and blue colours are the colours of the sun and the sea, the purpose of the brand is to communicate the joy of enjoying these natural elements.

  • The dots placed in a circle represent the highest expression of our culture of "su ballu tundu". It is believed that it may derive from prehistoric sacred ceremonies celebrated to propitiate an abundant hunting or a good harvest, and that it represented not only fun, but it was also an expression of an entire community.

  • This theory is confirmed not only by the use of launeddas to accompany the dances, but also from their connection with fire: even today, in fact, on the eve of certain local festivals bonfires are prepared around which people dance.

  • Furthermore, the key figure performed by the dancers is the circle in which all couples hold hands ("a manu tenta"), and from the rhythmic and melodic point of view there is a close link between the musician and dancers, thus confirming the importance of the community union during the most significant social gathering.

  • The spiral in the centre is the house... symbol of life.