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Local and Caribbean Dance Course

corso balli sardiSardinian dance courses will be organised to make your holiday relaxing and enjoyable.
In a land full of tradition, the Sardinian dances are currently one of the richest and most interesting traditions of the Mediterranean. A profound link between voice, music, fire and dance is the expression of a strong community aggregation, heartfelt to this day, even by the young generation.
A further element of fusion is the main figure of the circle, couples holding hands confirming the importance of the union of the community during the most significant social gatherings. We can still admire in the various rural fairs, local traditions and customs of great charm from May to October.
Themed evenings will be organised, including, in addition to the Sardinian dances, also Latin American evenings.

During the summer the course is on request basis and will take place on one day per week (max. 3 hours)
During winter the course is integrated into the holiday, themed stay, and will be held every day (max. 4 hours)

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